Tire Rack Street Survival (TRSS) Car Control Clinic

The Street Survival Car Control Clinic is back by popular request and will be held at the French Lick Municipal Airport (six miles from Parade Central). This program was developed by Street Survival, an independent foundation established for the purpose of teen driving safety enhancement. While focused on JPP/CAFP participants (they will receive first priority), adults are welcome as well! The Clinic combines knowledge and experience (classroom and driving drills) that are needed to enhance safety during emergency driving maneuvers.

The topics in the classroom include proper seating position/hand positions, mirror placement, the concept of the contact patch of tires, theories of weight transfer, use of long distance vision and situational awareness. In-car exercises will be discussed so there is an understanding of what the exercise is designed to teach and how to best perform it. The driving drills will be performed in the student’s car with an experienced instructor in the passenger seat offering driving tips and techniques.

For more information:
Street Survival Website
Intro to PCA Street Survival

Randy Faunce - Tire Rack Street Survival Driving Experience Parade Chair