Parade Goodie Store

The 2015 Porsche Parade French Lick Goodie Store will offer nearly 10,000 items of Parade and PCA-branded apparel and merchandise, including items as diverse as repair manuals and coffee mugs.

The unique 2015 French Lick logo will be featured on many of the products and will be treasured souvenirs of your time at Parade. We stock only quality merchandise including brands such as NIKE and Cutter & Buck.

We will happily accept your credit card, traveler’s checks or cash in payment for your purchases.

For tax reasons, sales to non-PCA members are not allowed.

The hours of operation will be posted at a later date.

See you in French Lick!

If you are just visiting for the day, don't forget your PCA membership card!

Jack and Lois Roberts, National Goodie Store Advisors