Parade Historics Display at the Concours

The 60th Parade Historics Display will feature some of the more notable Porsches in PCA and Porsche AG history. Hank Weil, Chair of the 2010 Porsche Parade Historics Display at St Charles, has assembled some awesome Porsche road and racing cars for our 60th Anniversary. Supported by Parade Concours Chairs Ron Gordon and Paul Gilbreath as well as past Parade Historic Chairs and principals in the Porsche collector car community, Hank has jazzed up the Historics this year with three major groupings: Porsche Speedsters, Turbos, and 912s. Why Speedsters?!? Because everyone loves them, and because Porsche always targeted the American market and in particular PCA with these cars. Why Turbos?!? Because 2015 represents the 40th Anniversary for Porche’s delivery of the first 1976 930s to the United States. Turbos have always been associated with unmatched power, raw speed, and incredible performance, and the mystique of the car is transcendent. Those who own them want nothing else. And those who don’t covet the thought of having one. So come out on 22 June and covet away at some great Turbos! And what about the 912? This model turned 50 this year, and Hank and his Committee felt a tribute to this unsung car was long overdue. A cross between a 911 and a 356, 912s are being rediscovered by enthusiasts all over again. Come and see for yourself why these are some of the most charming cars Porsche ever built. We can assure you will see one of the nicest collections of 912s assembled at any Parade.

And don’t forget about our Circle of Honor! For the 60th Parade, our goal has been to have a separate dedicated area within the Historics for all past Manhattan Trophy and Group winners. Our list of these very special cars continues to grow. If you’re registered for Parade and if you own one of the Manhattan Cars or one of the Group Award winning cars in Preparation, Preservation, Performance, or Restoration, we’ll be knocking on your door asking you to display your car. These Champions may not be as pretty as the day they won their respective trophy, but you’ll see them on the a special field all to themselves.

Some of these cars will be displayed in our 60th Anniversary Museum at the French Lick Resort, which is the perfect segue to our next topic! As part of our Anniversary celebrations for the Porsche Club of America and Porsche Parade in 2015, the 60th Parade at French Lick will feature a PCA museum and a number of historical audiovisual vignettes at its banquet presentations throughout the week. Our Museum will be a pleasant walk down a 60 year memory lane, and we want to make it as interesting and fun as possible for all attendees. Museum Curator (and PCA Historian) RJ Wilmouth, is planning on some great exhibits. Rather than approaching PCA’s history chronologically, we want to showcase the personal side of Parades and PCA that will capture the flavor of the times, the shiny new Porsches for that year, and more importantly, our members and their lives. RJ, and his wife Linda, plan on exhibiting PCA’s precious artifacts and memorabilia using themes. Early PCA, Parades, Treffens, Porsche Panorama, Club Racing (with a car or two), the Manhattan Trophy (with a car or three), the great Region events, and Escapes will all be featured. If you have something of importance you might want to add to our collection in for the museum’s exhibits, contact RJ at .